Veterinary Clinical Pathology service, owned by vets, for vets.

CTDS provides a high quality diagnostic results service to help Veterinary Surgeons deal with the daily challenges of practice.

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Please note services are available only to registered veterinary practices.

About Us

CTDS provides a full and wide range of veterinary diagnostic laboratory tests that include haematology, biochemistry, allergy testing, cytology, endocrinology, histopathology, virology, microbiology, PCR testing and much more for canine, feline, rabbits, small mammals, avians, exotics and horses. Our veterinary laboratory staff have many years experience in veterinary diagnostic testing and although the company is recently formed, in early 2004, it is already becoming established as a lab whose service is based on rapid turnround, high quality veterinary diagnostic results and opinions for companion animals, exotics and equines.

Our goal is to offer a friendly, personalised laboratory service that provides you with analytical and service quality, case continuity, meticulous care and full pathology support.
Each and every case we deal with is reported and interpreted based on the history you give us we don’t use coded, affectionately known as canned, comments. Our database enables us to match multiple samples from each patient and provide you with the full picture of patient tests. Cumulative patient reports are available on request, as are reports by fax, telephone, email or post.

Every one of our pathology procedures undergo stringent quality checks and the use of standard operating procedures ensure consistency in our methods and results. CTDS is fully approved by the laboratory standards committee of the European College of Veterinary Clinical Pathology as a training laboratory. The lab is directly supervised by a RCVS Recognised Specialist and European Diplomate in Veterinary Clinical Pathology and every report is reviewed by a veterinary pathologist before being sent from the lab with a full interpretation given when a history is provided. We are totally committed to delivering results and interpretations of the highest quality. The laboratory is approved for CEMO testing by the HBLB and in addition we participate in external quality control programmes – RIQAS for haematology and chemistry and VLA schemes for microbiology.
Our aim is to provide our clients with accurate and timely results and provide a service which meets the needs of the patient whilst also being convenient and cost effective for the veterinary practitioner. If you would like to hear what our clients say about us please contact the laboratory.

Unique services from Carmichael Torrance Diagnostic Services Laboratory (part of the Veterinary Pathology Group)

Toxicology Testing service

  • Latest Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometer (GC- MS)
  • Over 3,000 potentially toxic compounds can be identified
  • New flexible low cost testing options for equine pre-purchase examinations with rapid results available by the time of certification
  • Targeted panels for suspected accidental or malicious poisoning
  • Same day toxicology service available for selected tests including Ethylene Glycol, Organophosphates and Carbamates
  • Pathologist and if required toxicologist informed guidance and case discussion with results available within 5 working days.

Molecular Testing service

  • Real time PCR analysis for infectious agents
  • PARR testing to determine T or B cell lymphoma without the need for a surgical biopsy
  • No need for any further patient sampling – uses cytology submissions for further analysis
  • Results available in less than 1 week.
  • Unique panel for canine respiratory pathogens (inc. Angiostrongylus vasorum)
  • Submissions reported by Board Certified clinical pathologists or Fellows of the Royal College of Pathology

Post Mortem service

  • New, independent, nationwide service, with Courier collections from practice
  • Complete independence assured as offered in conjunction with the VPU at the University of Edinburgh & International Zoo Group
  • Includes owner’s individual requirements (cremation/disposal).
  • Detailed gross post mortem, routine histopathology and basic microbiology reports with advice on additional investigations

Exotics service (formerly EVDS)

  • Comprehensive testing service for small mammals, avians and reptiles supported by clinical support to aid therapy and management in addition to diagnostic services.
  • Telemedicine and teleradiology as well as lab testing to help you manage exotics in the practice without the need for referral

Allergy testing

  • Small animal panels that include environment, food and screens
  • Equine panels
  • Interpretation and advice on results
  • Advice and supply of immunotherapy vaccines

Please do not hesitate to contact us on 01132870175 to discuss specific requirements as we offer a comprehensive laboratory diagnostic service

CTDS for meticulous, continuous, personalised, quality service.


Why I use CTDS
“No-one can possibly know everything in the field of veterinary medicine , so I need a lab who have a very broad range of services covering all species and a small handful of experts who can be on hand whenever I need help with a case.
I have used other labs in the past but never had the same level of personal service, willingness, helpfulness and breadth of knowledge.
CTDS have everything I need in a friendly and accessible package, they have never let me down !”

Helen O’Kelly BVSc MRCVS, Rae, Bean & Partners Boroughbridge, BSAVA NE Secretary


“We have a large and varied exotic animal caseload and are heavily reliant on clinical pathology in their care and management. CTDS provide a fantastically comprehensive and efficient service. The pathologists offer advice regarding tests and profiles appropriate to a specific case and all results benefit from an individual expert interpretation from veterinary advisor, John Chitty. This case-specific approach ensures erroneous results are disregarded whilst results relevant to the patient’s signalment are emphasised. Be it ferret, parrot or alpaca, their service has proved invaluable.”

Sam Prescott

Robson and Prescott

“When we set up Border Vets 4 years ago we had a dilemma about whether to invest in in-house lab equipment or not. We decided to swap from our local lab to CTDS and the difference was like someone switching the lights on! The quality of information we get has vastly improved our diagnosing. We get helpful suggestions, invitations to discuss cases and a sense of real interest that goes beyond the report. No automated one liners or patronising remarks but instead all the satisfaction of knowing an RCVS specialist has had a look over your shoulder. We are certain we made the right decision for clinical and business reasons.”

Carla Murphy & Melanie Broad,

Border Vets, Scottish Borders

“We have used CTDS Ltd for a number of years and have resisted changing . They provide a broad clinical service which has catered for all our small animal diagnostic requirements. Service is very efficient with results often received within 24 hours of sample postage. Clinical reporting is always case relevant. Phone calls are answered by a clinical pathologist who deal with queries, no matter how trivial, in a polite professional manner. We would have no hesitation in recommending CTDS Ltd as a competitive, highly competent diagnostic veterinary laboratory.”

Colm Farrell, MVB, MRCVS, Johnston and Farrell, Veterinary Surgeons

“As a GP for 20 years i have used a multitude of labs for various diagnostic services. I have stuck with CTDS as my sole laboratory since they started in 2004.

All tests are offered under one roof or they redirect the sample for us. We deal with only one house, one form, one price list. The turnaround is quick, even without selecting the express service. Courier collection usually ensures next day reporting for most routines. The stand out feature of the service though is the equality of the report. No cut and paste glossary reporting. The history provided has clearly been read and accounted for. The result, if not diagnostic is always accompanied with suggestions as to where next. The pathologist is always available on the phone to discuss. A more detailed explanation is always forthcoming and you are never made to feel stupid. In short they quick and efficient with the routines, a valuable ally with the challenging cases, not an additional source of frustration.”

Mike Shewring, Bartram & Patrick



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